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I'm Hip

I’m old enough to have watched LGBTQIA rights go from joke to dream to fight to fact. But working on Merril Mushroom’s pioneering play BAR DYKES has given me an entirely new perspective on the lives of pre-Stonewall working class lesbians. Plus it’s funny and sexy and moving,

Come on down to The Flea before 3 August to see us.

Photos by Mikiodo.

I'M (not) SORRY

A few years back, I went to a screening in New York of a film called EQUITY. It was set in the world of high finance and featured a female-led team in front of and behind the camera. I thought it was so aces - and after working for almost a decade at a private equity firm, a hedge fund, and a private investment office, also so accurate - that after the talkback I found the writer and awkwardly fangirled at her.

Fast forward to last month, and I’m in an audition room with that same writer, trying to be cool. (•_•)

Friends I guess it worked, because I’m playing SILO in the world premiere of Amy Fox’s new play I’M SORRY at the Ensemble Studio Theater this month. Hilarious powerhouse Morgan Gould directed, and I’m playing alongside Tim Barker, Kim Brockington, Mariah Lee, and old indie theater friend Jason Liebman. Come see us!



FUN HOME closed yesterday after a blockbuster sold-out run; we were the most successful show in Vermont Stage's history. I had the honor of performing for Alison Bechdel, Beth Malone, Gabby Pizzolo, and Madeleine Kunin, among thousands of others. 

Press was wonderful ("a huge success" and "inspired reverie of heartbreak and elation") and included this video essay filmed during rehearsal. 

I am immensely proud of the show that this incredible Vermont Stage cast, orchestra, and crew made together. I wish we could have run it twice as long. 

NYIT Outstanding Actress win!

Last night at the NYIT Awards, I won the 2017 Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role award for my work as Masha in Three Sisters. I couldn't be there, but I was lucky enough to have my best friend and co-nominee Sarah Lippmann accept on my behalf. 

Sarah Looking Boss

Hop over to Facebook to see video of the event; skip to 19:00 for my big moment. (Fun coincidence: presenter David Pittu directed me in the show that got me my Equity card over a decade ago.)

NYIT Outstanding Actress Award nomination

I am thrilled to announce that I'm a nominee for Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role in the NYIT Awards for my work last March in Maggie's Cino's production of Three Sisters at The Brick.

I share a nomination in that category with the astounding Sarah K. Lippmann. Ivanna Cullinan's work as Olga was recognized in the Featured Actress category. The entire production was nominated for Best Revival of a play. What an honor.

Here's a brief interview with a few of us.

With Derrick Peterson.Photo by Hunter Canning.

With Derrick Peterson.Photo by Hunter Canning.

Partial Three Sisters cast portrait. Photo by Kent Meister. 

TB SHEETS workshop & show

I've been a bit obsessed with Buran Theatre since I saw their production of House of Fitzcaraldo at the Brick back in 2012. (And I lost it entirely over Magic Bullets at Incubator Arts in 2014.) It gives me all the feels to announce that I'm working with them now, developing and performing TB SHEETS in workshop at ART/NY on 6 November and onstage May 2017 at ART/NY's brand new theater complex in midtown. Details on tickets soon.

In the meantime, look at this poster! Artist David Pym is creating a series of images for the piece and I'm delighted to be featured on the very first. 

That Which Isn't opens 11 August

When Dave DelGrosso and I got to do a reading of the first act of That Which Isn't back in January 2013, I remember telling myself to enjoy every second of it, because plays this good come along so rarely. More than three years later, I cannot believe how lucky I am that Dave and I, joined by Mick O'Brien, get to perform the world premiere of this incredible piece. 

You should come see it. Then you can say you saw it when. 

That Which Isn't
at The Brick Theater
August 11-20th, 2016


Written by Matthew Freeman. Directed by Kyle Ancowitz
Stage Manager: Jodi Witherell
Set Designer: Kerry Lee Chipman
Featuring David DelGrosso*, Mick O'Brien*, and Moira Stone*

*Appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

Me & Dave



I woke up (not believing in money)

(20 March)  UTC 61's MoneyLab opens tonight at HERE Arts Center.  As Edward puts it, it's "an economic vaudeville, a multi-disciplinary experiment to discover whether economic ideas can be represented through performance.  Every night is a new set of acts, set in a framework of economic games." 

I'd just say that it is an evening at the intersection of two of my favorite things: making theater and talking about money. 

Capitalism, amirite?

In other news, I have the great good fortune to be working on a reading of Mac Rogers' new play. Watch this space, or just close your eyes and listen; that distant squeee! you hear is me losing my nerd mind over getting to portray one of my personal heroines onstage.

And finally, I did a silly video for the internet

"You know what I'll miss? The quiet."

The Listeners has closed. It was a glorious experiment. 

Some varied reactions from Time Out,  NY Theatre Review, The Timesnytheater now, and, most thoughtfully, Trav S.D. But my favorite - and most personally thrilling - came from illustrator and genius Carolyn Raship. Produced as part of her Lenten project to draw NYC performers "past, present, imaginary, whatever."

Immortalized! Click through for the full image.

Immortalized! Click through for the full image.

Up next, my day job and artistic life come together in UTC61's MoneyLab at HERE in March & April.

I'm also shooting two film projects this spring, one for Inappropriate Films, and the other this audacious thriller

Once more to the streets

The Velvet Oratorio plays two last times next week on 13 & 14 January. Come see the lively and beautifully-sung piece that landed on the front page of Lidové noviny .  More infoTickets

(No, I can't read Czech. No, I'm not in the picture. Yes, I will now begin claiming I am "big in Europe.")

In other news, The Listeners is shaping up to a hell of a thing. Veterans of experimental New York theater who remember Michael Gardener's legendary (and prescient, given the current theatrical landscape) stagings of In a Strange Room and Notes from Underground  can assure you I am not joking when I say this: get your tickets now; seating is limited, intense, and will likely involve a small box and some peepholes.

Velvet Oratorio opens; new Freeman/Gardner piece gets a title

The Velvet Oratorio opened beautifully at the Bohemian Hall on 10 November. We return there on 12/13 December and 13/14 January.  More info.Tickets

The Listeners is the title of the new Matthew Freeman / Michael Gardner play we've been developing since September. You should not miss it. Preview at right, and coming in February 2015 as part of The Brick's new resident artist series. 

I call him Squeaky.

I call him Squeaky.

PussyFest & rehearsals for Velvet Oratorio & new Matthew Freeman play

Rehearsals for The Velvet Oratorio are in full swing. More infoTickets. A glimpse of rehearsal (at right).

I'm quite excited to join dozens of badass women in this year's PussyFest  from Caps Lock Theatre. You can see me performing a spectacular monologue by Jean Marie Keevins on 10 November. 

Development of Michael Gardner & Matt Freeman's new piece continues apace. We're booked for a full run in February 2015 as part ofThe Brick's new resident artist series.

    Jenny Lee Mitchell, me, John Gallop, and Maria Dessena rehearse Henry Akona's fiendishly difficult music.


Jenny Lee Mitchell, me, John Gallop, and Maria Dessena rehearse Henry Akona's fiendishly difficult music.

Velvet Oratorio, Untitled Gardner/Freeman project, etc

On the docket for Fall is another challenging set of songs from Henry Akona, this time as part of UTC #61's Velvet Oratoriobeing given a full staging at the Bohemian Hall in Manhattan in November, December, and January. 

Also brewing is a very exciting new project from Michael Gardner and (new New Dramatist) Matt Freeman. Workshopping 16 October at The Brick in preparation for a full run in February 2015.

In the meantime, be sure to buy your tickets now for the semi-annual divine madness that is the Brick's New York International Clown Theater Festival. (Super Spectacular! Jeff & Buttons! Red Bastard!)